American Flag Bunting – Its Uses and Process

Flag bunting is done generally in red, white and blue colors of the US flag and it usually patterns for the stars and stripes. The Bunting material can be used in different ways; it can be string on the porches or over the fences. The process of bunting can be displayed in various ways and there are particular rules that one need to follow for displaying the flag in a bunting style. The flag bunting can be displayed at several times but whenever you will do, you will do it proudly.

Some of the best times for displaying flag bunting can be:

Fourth of July: Bunting can be done best on 4th of July holiday. This is the day, when people will be all the more interested in hoisting the national flag or decorating their house with American tricolor unlike other days. Flag bunting decoration will be something unique and different from what others have done in their homes. The flag bunting can be displayed on porches, windows, parade floats, fences or anywhere.

Other American Holidays: Buntings can be done for displaying on other American holidays. It can be Memorial Day, Labor Day or Armistice Day. You can celebrate these holidays and flag bunting can help you with celebration. It can be used for table decoration, hang from balcony or can be used for boat decoration during boat parade.

When troops return: Bunting can also be used when troops return from war or service. Bunting can be displayed around telephone poles or on residential homes or windows. The bunting can be used for decorating an armory or another place with black American flag of white, red and blue decorations.

The buntings always represent a festival and they can be used for various occasion. They are popular even at race ways, sporting events and even at school parties. All bunting can also be personalized with favorite color of the person or in case of the birthday parties. All anniversary celebrations also include the number of years on the flags.

The process of preparing bunting is a simple process and the entire process will be a total fun and exciting.

– Measure the distance between the points at the point where the flag will hang. It should be measured and cut into two strings.
– Determine the size of each of the flag and then you can keep on the bunting. An outdoor flag with bunting decoration is generally about 10 inches long and 8 inches wide. The surrounding of the flag should also be noticed and then the size of the flag should be determined.
– The shape of the individual flag should be determined and they often come in different shapes and sizes.
– All paper patterns should be in shape and size of the flags and then cut the patterns

The fabric for American flag bunting should fold in half and there are two edges on the fold of the fabric. They can be traced around the patterns and then cut through the layers to form the exact shape of smaller version of the American flag.


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