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iPod owners all over the world are getting more and more value from their iPods. From just listening to music iPods are now being used for a number of other things including music videos and movies. In terms of movies, thanks to better and better software, selling ipod touch 5 users have been able to search for and download unlimited full length movies. Those who purchased their iPods a couple of years back would not even have imagined the potential uses of their devices. The amount of content accessible is simply amazing! Just the iTunes store itself, offers so much in terms of movies, audiobooks, podcasts and music videos and all these at the click of a button.

What do the best selling and top value iPods offer that is contributing to their success? What do you get with these models?

1. Music. Need a bit more volume? No problem. Volume adjustment, song navigation, browsing, exploring the menu by play list, artist, album, song, genre, composer are a breeze with the latest models. Additionally, big bright color displays make the music look good too.

2. Movies. There is no need to be limited by the movies available on the individual screens in-flight. In fact, users can watch movies on the bus, train, commuter and almost anywhere, anytime. The best models can keep you entertained for hours; some for as long as 7 hours.

3. TV Shows. Free yourself from the fixed schedules of your favorite shows. Buy, store and play them at your convenience. Late night shows? Get a good night’s sleep and watch them when you chose to do so.

4. Podcasts. Thousands of free video and audio pod casts from the big players and not-so-big names are available. Users can browse and subscribe to their choice of pod casts.

5. Audiobooks. Just like an electronic reading device, the best selling iPods enable users to catch up on their reading. Though you probably would not enjoy the full range of features available in a dedicated reading device, you can still enjoy your reading. Bookmarks and even adjustment of reading speed are available in the best selling models.

6. Games. If you need something more interactive, you can have hours of fun at your command. The best models come together with a number of games and if you need more, you can buy and download as many as you please.

7. Photos.The top selling models can hold up to 25,000 photos which you can sync from other sources. Scrolling through photo thumbnails can be done the same way as scrolling through song titles. Minimized screen and full screen views are at the click of a button.

8. Search As many as40,000 songs can be stored on a top model iPod. How do you search for them? Easy. Just type out the name of the song, artist, album, audio book, or pod cast you need for instant results.

9. Extras. The latest models come with calendars, contacts, and a clock and much more in the Extras menu. Need protection and privacy? You can get this through setting a unique combination.

In addition to the above, the best selling models, offer the option of even more functions through the use of accessories. The basic models of the top selling iPods are loaded with so many features that meet most of the needs of an average user. However, if more is needed, it is best to purchase them as a package rather than as separate items. Purchases as a package, offer better bargains.

All that you will need in an iPod is available in a best selling, top value iPod from the leaders in iPod design and technology. As there is a huge demand for the product, prices are competitive and affordable. You can choose the top of the line model or others based on your budget and needs. Click on iPods and MP3 Players, learn more and select your iPod with complete confidence and full assurance.


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