Can a Small Sofa Still Have a Comfortable Sleeper Sofa?

Sleeper sofas are very popular, and with good reason. They provide you with a comfortable and fashionable place to sit, while at the same time giving your guests a place to sleep when needed. The advantages of a sleeper couch are well known and documented, and more and more people are turning to them when it comes time to buy a sofa. Where people run into problems with sleeper sofas is when they have either a small space for the sofa, or a difficult pathway such as a tight corner or hallway. An extra small door frame can literally eliminate a regular sized sleeper sofa. Fortunately, there are some super high quality options for small sofa sleepers that work beautifully, and provide all the same benefits as a full size sofa.

Where the problem comes in with most small sleeper couches is comfort. Because the sofa is small, the mattress or bedding option is usually quite low in quality and uncomfortable. What people do not realize is that not all small sofa sleepers are created equal. There are small couch sleepers on the market today that are incredibly comfortable. Some may even argue that they are more comfortable than the full size option, as comfort is not determined solely by size.

The key to a comfortable small sofa sleeper is all in the mattress. Some small and full size sleeper sofas have paper thin mattresses and springs sticking into the back. Most of us have experienced the dreaded sleeper sofas of old. Most sleeper sofas today are much better than the metal filled, spring loaded sleeper sofas of old. Still, the average sleeper sofa sold today is not what you would call comfortable either. Other small couch sleepers are incredibly comfortable and easy to lay on.

The best small sofa sleepers are air sofas that can be added to your purchase. The benefits of these air sofa sleepers are that they fit directly in with your small sofa, and they are far superior to the wafer thin foam mattresses that usually accompany sleeper sofas of all sizes. They can usually be added to most any size sofa, and can truly elevate your sleep comfort to dreamy, new heights. There is no need to suffer needlessly, tossing and turning anymore. More importantly, there is no reason to expect your house guests to suffer either.

Small sofa sleepers are just as comfortable as full sized sofas and in many cases, are even more comfortable. The best part is, you are still getting the benefits of the small sofa – more flexibility, space and decorating options. You also will be virtually guaranteed of fitting your small sofa sleeper into even the smallest of spaces. Small sofa sleepers are here to stay and will likely be the wave of the future in guest bedding.

Before you purchase your next sofa sleeper, be sure to check out the small sofa options first. You will be very much surprised at the incredible innovation and quality in today’s small sofa sleepers, and almost certainly will fall in love with the prices. There is simply no reason to be uncomfortable with small sleeper sofas any longer.


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