Cold Sore Fever Blister – Natural Relief Methods

Many people do not think so but cold sores are impossible to get rid of once they have been caught, making them a type of skin condition that must be correctly treated. It is also important that you know about cold sore causes in order to prevent them from spreading further.

For those of you who do not like to use over the counter remedies you will be pleased to know that there are many different kinds of natural cold sore fever blister treatments available. One method which can be of use is cornstarch paste this must be dabbed directly onto the blisters for it to have any effect.

Similarly camphor has also traditionally been used in the prevention of cold sores as well as other types of skin complaints, this too can be dabbed onto the blisters. Dimethyl sulfoxide or dmso effects observed in regulation can be used in the same way as cornstarch paste and camphor and should be done so twice daily as it works to interfere with the viral infection that causes cold sores and hinder their growth.

Another natural method which is effective for some people is grapefruit seed extract and its potency increases if it is combined with Aloe Vera or olive oil. If you plan on using it mixed with either of these two substances you must be aware that it is very strong so care should be taken when applying it to the cold sore blisters.

If none of these methods sound suitable for you why not try using ice cubes as these can not only help with the pain of cold sores but can also further prevent the spreading of the blisters. Press the ice cubes onto the cold sores and see if you find it relieves the pain for a while and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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