Couponing 101 – The Reality to Extreme Couponing

Okay here is the honest truth about how much you will save with your coupons. Is it possible to save 75% or more off your grocery bill using coupons, Yes! Can you walk into a store and walk out with a few items paying little or nothing… Yes! Okay I got my coupons and my list of what my family needs I am going shopping will I save 75% off well the sad but honest truth is more then likely NO!!

It takes a lot of time, effort, organizational skills, and math skills to achieve what extreme couponers do. It does not happen over night and it is not just about cutting coupons. You have to know your rock bottom prices, you have to know the coupon cycles, and you have to know about the product, policy’s, coupon limitations, and of course you have to think long term! As a fellow extreme couponer said (and I am sure that everyone will agree) “To coupon like I do takes a lot of devotion and well coupon match ups.”

Rock Bottom Prices means the lowest possible price that you can get this item for realistically. You will learn that although Frosted Flakes is $4.99 a box. When they go on sale for Buy one get one then the rock bottom price will now be $2.50. But if there are manufacturers coupons (as they usually are since the coupons are put out to go with upcoming sales or vice versa) for lets say 50 cents off your Rock bottom price will be $2.00. Then if there is a store coupon to go with that for lets say $1.00 then your rock bottom price is now $1.00 so now you know your rock bottom price is $1.00.

Coupon Cycles are explained in a separate file here on this site. Basically coupon cycles are the way that coupons work. When and why coupons come out. For instance we all know the best time to buy Christmas decor is right after Christmas when those lights and other decor gets major mark downs. Same rule follows for every item in your house. Spring time is known for cleaning so during those months you will find good deals on cleaning supply and after those months you will find better deals. Right after Summer or right before is the best time to stock up on BBQ sauce and spices. Same thing goes with produce, clothing, summer items, and so forth.

About the Lashify discount code Product is basically knowing about the sizes and getting the most for your dollar. When your favorite product comes out with a new flavor, packaging, or even a new line all itself there will be a coupon meaning you have to be aware of these things.

Policies also explained in a separate file are very important to know. These are basically the rules or each store. Knowing these rules will save you a lot of time and effort. It is also important to follow these policies so that couponing is done correctly.

Coupon limits are on the coupon itself some limit you to only 4 at a time can be used with only certain sizes or flavors or types. YOU must follow and know these rules in order to not only be a good couponer but to make sure that this is all comes together as planned because the last thing you need is a problem in your transaction to mess up everything that you have planned.


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