Fundraiser Development – 3 Steps to Creating a Fundraiser For Your Organization

Fundraisers bring funds to your business or organization and there are many ways to develop a fundraiser, but photo fundraisers offer benefits to the community. These ideas can benefit almost any organization, use them to make the most of your fundraising opportunities.

1 – You’ll need ideas that bring together the community and your organization. What better way to bring the community together than family and group photos or portraits? A photo PTO fundraising idea offers many ways to incorporate community and family into the fundraising option. This kind of event will include many people and offer a community opportunity to build new recognition for your organization as well as funding activities within the community. Photo fundraisers give you an opportunity to meet the community and invite them to benefit from paying your organization to serve them. Great idea, huh?

2 – Once you’ve settled on photo fundraising, you can start looking for a photographer. If you have a parent within the group that takes awesome photos, that might be an option, but a greater option is a professional photographer that will give back some of the profits from taking group and family portraits either in their studio or on site. The benefits of a professional photographer are unlimited. The professional knows how best to take the photos, has all the equipment and understands the valuable time slots your families have available. His work will make your fundraiser more profitable.

3 – Selling the photography packages means your organization members get involved. They take a brochure and information to the people in the community, show them the benefits of having a professional portrait taken and give them the great pricing your organization has obtained for their benefit. Their participation makes your photo fundraiser even more successful. The more they sell, the more your organization benefits from the overall fundraising package.

To find out more about photo fundaising and the great opportunities your organization has for building a fundraising package, consider these options.


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