Inside Home Recording Studio

Many people are curious about the things insider a recording studio. It is not uncommon to see people are asking about this question because they are curios about the equipments inside a recording studio because those equipments can result in great music that they love.

Different studio might have different equipments. Everything is depending on the type of Music recording studio production and on the type of music that it produced. Studios can produce rock music, pop music, jazz music, reggae music, soundtracks, jingles, and many more. It is always depending on the preference of music that they produce. Certain music might require certain equipment and it is usually different from other kind of music.

Old equipments might not work for today’s music requirement. Some genres of music require the use of advanced music recording equipment otherwise, the studio will not able to generate high quality sound.

You have to own wireless headphones, personal computer, CD/DVD writer, audio interface, cables, sound card, guitar/bass amplifier for effects and modeling, and microphone for standard hardware. For standard software you will need Vegas, Acid Pro, RBC voice tweaker, Sound Forge, mastering software, and others if you urge to have advanced technology. You also need to own mic stand, sub mixer, music instruments, synthesizer, microphone, monitor speakers and also amplifier for standard equipments.

By having those equipments you are ready to run your business. Those things are just perfect to start a small recording studio at home. As for the instruments, you can start with standard musical instruments that can be good to be used in recording studio.

Vocals and musical instruments are recorded through the microphones and you can process the recorded sound using the recording equipments and your computer. You can process the sound and add some effects to enhance the quality of your music.

Room arrangement is also important in order to get the high quality sound recording. Before you prepare a room recording studio, it is important to arrange the room so you will not hear the sound outside the room and you will be able to enhance your recording quality.


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