Portable DVD Players – Your Best Journey Partner

Though watching your favourite movies on the move is surely a stress and strain buster. However, you cannot carry a complete home theatre system while on a business or fun trip. Watching a movie while traveling can easily make the miles go zoom.

Now the question arises that how to make it possible and how to watch your cheap dvds while on the move? The answer is quite simple, the Portable DVD Players can take your boredom away and they can also lead you to a great land of entertainment and joy. These players not only provide the facility to play your favourite DVDs but they also serve the facilities of listening to your favourite music. With such players you can also show a presentation to your clients and thus, you do not have to carry a laptop on your business trip.

As with most technologies, the concept of “getting what you pay for” has been applied on such portable players of DVD as well. Do not ever get confused with the prices of such devices. Most of the times, the companies launch a feature laden machine and that too on rock bottom price but be always beware of such companies as it may be possible that you get a junk in the form of a DVD player. Always go for a branded piece so that you never have to worry about your leisure times. There are various websites available on the Internet that is providing great players at cheap prices. You can also avail branded but cheap DVD players from such websites.

There are various facts that you should always keep in your mind before buying a portable player for you. Consider all possible buying and research criteria and please ignore the media hypes made about any product. Some of the possible facts are stated below:

The Life of Battery: This is really a big issue for the constant travelers and this should not be taken as grated as this may spoil the enjoyment of your trip. Always go for at least two hours of battery life in a video playback mode. There are various players that give the backup of up to four hours.

Car Kit: If you are planning to use your DVD player in the car, then you should purchase a player that includes a car adapter. To avail maximum convenience, go for a tablet model with the facility of wall mounting system that will attach your player on the back of the front seats. You can easily choose where to install that player.

Format Support: Your player is made to support standard DVDs that run MPEG-2 files, but you should also look for some other formats like MPEG-4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile), WMV9 (Windows Media Video 9), DivX, and XviD. Support for CDs and MP3s could turn your video player into a jukebox. If you burn CDs or DVDs, make sure your player supports writeable (CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-R.

Output Jacks: Practically all DVD players can plug into a PC or TV for large-screen playback. However, high-quality outputs like S-Video for video or Optical Out for audio will give better playback quality.

Screen Orientation: The more clarity in pictures, the better. A 7-inch screen is normal with many players, but a 10-inch screen makes viewing more pleasurable. If you use the player in group surroundings, a swivel screen will ensure that everyone gets a view.

Sound Control: You won’t always be using headphones, so check the sound quality of the player’s built-in speakers. The good stereo quality is a must. Make sure you can add peripheral speakers. You may also need a small duo for business presentations.

Weight: If you love to travel with less baggage, check the weight of any player you consider to buy. Anything heavier than 5 pounds can feel like a block after awhile. Don’t be confused by size either. Some of the less-weight players have overweight batteries.

There are various companies that are making great portable DVD players, but Sony portable DVD players are among the best players one can have.


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