Top 5 iPhone Apps for Credit Score Education

To many, their credit report is a mystery. Now, combined with an iPhone and the internet, your credit report should not be a mystery anymore. With this article, we outline the Top 5 iPhone apps for learning about your credit report and credit score.

1. myFico by Apperian

Have you heard of your Fico score? If you’ve been looking into your credit report, you have probably heard that word, and you might have even navigated to a website where you can pay to order your Fico score, or get one for free. If you’re interested in your Fico score (and most people really should be) but you’d like to get an estimate of it before you take the plunge and actually order it, then you should check out the Apps for education myFico by Apperian, Inc. It’s free, easy to use, and will give you a great foundation to understand what your Fico score is, and what it means to lenders.

2. Repair Your Credit by App Warrior

If you are looking for credit report information, you could spend some time doing Internet research, or you could try to find a book. If you don’t mind spending $0.99 to get the same information that you can find on the Internet, then you can try Repair Your Credit. This app gives you some general information about credit, but has very few bells and whistles.

3. Credit Report Glossary by Deep Powder Software

If you’re a newbie trying to decipher your first credit report, you probably have some catching up to do to be in the know with the lingo. While you could spend a little time Googling all the new, unfamiliar credit terms you come across one by one, you could save yourself some time and check out the Credit Report Glossary app by Deep Powder Software. They have taken most of the terms you are puzzling over and put them all together in a searchable app that only costs $0.99.

4. Mobile App by

When companies offer a free app that promotes their business and also gives you free advice, it is always a win-win situation.’s app has three screens. The first screen has general tips about credit scores, and allows you to scroll from through tips. Another screen offers 10 tips to improve your credit report. Rounding out the app is a list of factors that influence your credit score. The list lets you expand each topic to read more about it.

5. Credit Score Tracker by Ethan Allen

If you are trying to get a handle on your credit score you are probably looking for an easy way to organize the information in one place. This app will keep track your credit scores over a period of time, giving you an overview on your progress to improve your credit score. The Apps with parent dashboard requires you to know what your scores before you get started, but you can get your reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax by requesting them online inside the app. Once you have your credit scores and you input them into the app, Credit Score Tracker saves your credit scores and displays them graphically so you can actually see the changes to your score over time.

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