Top Tips For Fixing Scratched Playstation CDs

Nothing is more irritating then getting the urge to kick some serious butt on GTA or Soul Calibur (or other PS game) and discovering that the game isn’t working for some ridiculous reason. I’ve heard a lot of suggestions for fixing this problem and I’ll tell you right now that most of them do not work. Banging the PlayStation is one of those “won’t work” options.

So what should you do? Follow these steps and you should be up and running in no time (unless the problem is a little more serious, but even then there are solutions).

Fixing scratched PlayStation CDs – Is the problem a scratch?

  1. Start with the basic and most simple problems. Sometimes we try fixing scratched PlayStation Pokemon TCG and don’t realize that the problem might not be a scratch. Something as simple as Dust, Oil, or accumulated “stuff” is the only thing stopping you from playing your game. Run warm water over the disc to remove the dust (this will get most of it).
  2. Sometimes the dust and “stuff” is caked on there pretty good and warm water won’t get rid of it on its own. Gently rub the CD with your finger while you run water over it. It is important to remember here that you should not rub your PlayStation CD in a circular motion! Start from the edge and rub straight inward to the center and then repeat. If your finger isn’t doing the trick, use a mild liquid soap or rubbing alcohol. Do NOT dry the PlayStation CD when you are done! Let it air dry.

Fixing scratched PlayStation CDs – Yes, the problem is a scratch

  1. Before we talk about polishing it is important that you look at your PlayStation CD and see which side the scratch is on. Sometimes the cover side (top) is scratched and so the optic just sees right through the disc without reading it; if this is the case just color in the scratch (on top) with a black marker and that usually works.
  2. Some scratches are easier to fix than others. Shallow scratches can be fixed very easily by polishing down the surrounding plastic coating to make the scratch even more shallow (or non-existent). Of course the problem here is that if you do that enough times you will have nothing left of your PlayStation CD. Deeper scratches are harder to fix but still do-able.
  3. If you have decided to polish your PlayStation CD a little in order to get it going then all you need is a little toothpaste (preferably with Baking Soda) or Brasso. Get yourself a soft lint-free cloth (some t-shirts are good) or one of those eyeglass cleaning cloths (wearing glasses pays off sometimes). Apply some warm water to the surface of your PlayStation CD and a small amount of toothpaste or Brasso. Again, do NOT rub in a circular motion! Rub from the inside to outside edge (or vice versa) and try to stick to the area that is scratched. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Do this at least 10 – 15 times as gently as possible. It doesn’t take much pressure to scratch PlayStation CDs and you should feel the cloth scratching right away. You might have to reapply a little toothpaste on your cloth from time to time (but not much!).
  4. If you used Brasso then you should use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the excess and let it air dry. Once dried you should wipe it down once more. If you used toothpaste then you should run the disc under warm water and let the disc air dry completely before playing it.




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