What You Need To Know About Condensing Boilers

It is becoming the rule rather than the exception that domestic premises provide a constant source of hot water and some form of central heating. The introduction of condensing boilers from around 1991 into housing stock in the UK has seen a steady increase in the expectations of prospective buyers and tenants. This particular type is seen as the mother of all boilers.

Governments in the UK, USA, Canada and several European countries offer incentives for the installation of condensing products in new builds, in an effort to be considered Green. Property developers and individuals alike are keen to take advantage of any incentives and at the same time promote their company’s image.

The materials used in the manufacture of this type of Cv ketel vervangen are unique to this particular system. The process requires larger heat exchangers and a fan that is not standard in other types of boiler systems. The cost of producing this product, which is more energy efficient and is used to produce the hot water for the central heating system, is much higher when compared to other combi boiler systems on the market.

However, the additional cost of buying and installing this particular product can be offset by any expected reduction in fuel bills in coming years. So despite the initial outlay that may seem expensive, taking a longer term view is required and it is estimated that the equipment will pay for itself within two to five years.

Installation of this type of boiler requires an additional pipe to be joined up to one of the existing waste pipes. This is the only difference between the installation requirements for this and other types of boilers. Installing condensing equipment is just the same and they do not take up any more space than other types of combi boilers.

Emphasis is being placed on finding alternatives to replace the rapidly dwindling energy sources and to cut down on fuel consumption. Individuals are being actively encouraged to develop a social and moral conscience and consider how their actions today will impact on life in the future.


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